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  • IMDIA Purpose
    Connecting companies and institutions related to mold and dies manufacturing, purchasing, marketing and maintenance in Indonesia. All IMDIA activities are made to improve mold and dies industry, financial and also the living standard in Indonesia.

  • Activities
    1. Bring up all the subjects related to mold and dies manufacturing, marketing, purchasing and maintenance
    2. Research study about mold and die technology
    3. Planning and developing mold and dies standard
    4. Gather and provides information related to mold & die
    5. Human resources development related to mold & die industry
    6. Exchange and cooperate with local and international institution related to mold and dies
    7. Make other activities that will fulfill IMDIA purposes.
  • Organization
    1. General Meeting: held annually, attend by all the members, the chairman will be the speaker and bring up the subject about business report, settlement of accounts, and IMDIA finance and assets that already audited by the auditors. And also, held an election of the directors, auditors, counselors for the next period with advisor's approval.
    2. The extraordinary general meeting will be held with conditions as follows:
      If the chairman and the board of director both agree that the meeting is necessary
      If the auditors request the meeting to be held, and give the reason and purpose of the meeting
      If 1/5 or more of total members request the meeting to be held, and give the reason and purpose of the meeting.
    3. The board of director is contains of directors and auditors. The chairman will be deciding the following matters: Subjects to discuss on general meeting, subjects about the tasks that have been decided on general meeting, subjects about all the task that each committee have decided.
    4. Counselor: Board of directors asks the leaders of set maker to give advices to improve and to manage the association. The set makers have to be cooperation that product and sells items in Indonesia. Duty period have no limitation and no compensation.
    5. Advisor: Being a connector between Indonesia - Japan government and the association. Give advice to the chairman. Task with no limitation and no compensation.
    6. Director: Elected by association members, attending board of directors meeting, deciding the opinion for association activities and inside the board of directors the election is proven by the chairman and vice chairman. Duty period is 2 years and can be reelected. No compensation.
    7. Auditor: Elected by the corporate member of association, the task is to audit association finance and directors work. If they found problems they have to report it in general meeting. Duty period is 2 years and can be reelected. No compensation.
    8. Committee: association made a committee that fits the purposes, they have to make plans and give good opinion and ideas. Each committee chief that also a director has to do research, studies, and analyze things needed to reach its purposes. Committees operational decided by board of directors.
    9. Sectional: association made sectional meeting by the fields related to the needs, and they have to plan efficient activities. Each sectionals chief that also a director has to make plans with committee to reach the purposes. Operational meeting division will be held by the agreement made by board of director.
    10. Secretariat: The job is to do the operational work to realizing ideas in board of director and sectional meeting. Secretariat chief that is also a director have the right to recruit employees. Secretariat's operational decided by the board of directors.

  • Activity Contents
    1. Erase all the gap and difference in skill, technology and management through the information exchange between members
    2. Gather and providing the latest information about technology in the world (information magazine and Internet)
    3. Support the improvement of skills and technologies by planning and conduct trainings, visits and seminars
    4. Supporting ideas with analysis and help giving solutions for member's common problems
    5. As a result, to improve mold and dies localizations in Indonesia.

  • Activity Plan on Fiscal Year 2019
    1. Human Resource Development
      1) Instructor training. (50 people, total 572 people)
      2) National certification and IMDIA certification. (340 people, total 3,583 people)
      3) Develop of the curriculum for high-tech workshop mold / die (robot welding & painting)
    2. Strengthening of Organization Capability
      1) Strengthen financial structure (look for cost reduction, cost national certification and sponsor)
      2) Submit of applications for permanently incorporating equipment used for workshops (from the governments of Japan and Indonesia)
      3) Expansion of the membership (31 new members, a total of 553 members)
    3. Enhancement of Mold and Dies Localization about 63%
      1) Business coorporation promotion agreement (especially for shortening delivery time of mold base)
      2) Business and technology cooperation and joint venture companies (5 companies). The company will be recommended by IMDIA.
      3) Business export cooperation promotion agreement (leveling oprational and level up quality technology)

  • Secretariat Office
    Indonesia Mold & Dies Industry Association(IMDIA)
    Kompleks PT. Panasonic Manufacturing Indonesia, Gedung Graha Managemen YMG
    Jln. Raya Bogor Km. 29, Jakarta - 13710, Indonesia
    Tel. +62-21-870-2852

  • Organization chart

  • List of Director, Counselor, and Advisor
    No Name Belong Charge
    1 Mr. Rachmat Gobel Investment Envoy the President of the Republic of Indonesia to Japan Senior Counselor
    2 PT. Astra Daihatsu Motor Counselor
    3 Mr. Keiji Takeda PT. Isuzu Astra Motor Indonesia Counselor
    4 Mr. Toshiyuki Inuma PT. Astra Honda Motor Counselor
    5 Mr. Harjanto Ministry of Industry Metal Machinery, Transportation Equipment & Electronic Industry Counselor
    6 Mr. Takehiro Watanabe PT. Honda Prospect Motor Counselor
    7 Mr. Shinji Matsumura PT. Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Indonesia Counselor
    8 Mr. Eiichi Abe PT. Indonesia EPSON Industry Counselor
    9 Mr. Tomonobu Otsu PT. Panasonic Manufacturing Indonesia Counselor
    10 Mr. Seiji Itayama PT. Suzuki Indomobil Motor Counselor
    11 Mr. Warih Andang Tjahjono PT. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia Counselor
    12 Mr. Minoru Morimoto PT. Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing Counselor
    13 Mr. Yoshinari Nakayasu Takagi Seiko Corporation Honorary Vice Chairman
    14 Mr. Makoto Takahashi PT. KMK Plastics Indonesia Chairman
    15 Mr. Djajadi Wikara PT. Asalta Mandiri AGung Vice Chairman
    16 Mr. Djunaidi PT. Takagi Sari Multi Utama Vice Chairman
    17 Mr. J. Budiyono PT. Mekar Armada Jaya Senior Director
    18 Mr. Tatawiria Kolopaking PT. Galih Sekar Sakti First Director
    19 Mr. Ignatius Hotman PT. Peace Industrial Packaging First Director
    20 Mr. Alam Amransyah PT. Sinar Putra Metalindo First Director
    21 Mr. Peter Sutanto PT. Techno Indonesia Director
    22 Mr. Efendi PT. Astra Otoparts Div. NusaMetal Director
    23 Mr. Itsuo Tanigawa Matsushita Gobel Foundation (YMG) Director
    24 Mr. Bambang Suharto PT. Ataka Technology Indonesia Director
    25 Mr. Surijanto Santoso PT. Santoso Teknindo Director
    26 Mr. Suhaili PT. Allindo Coin Mas Era Director
    27 PT. Astra Daihatsu Motor Director
    28 Mr. Eiichi Abe PT. Indonesia EPSON Industry Auditor
    29 Mr. Masafumi Furuhashi PT. Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing Auditor
    30 Mr. Adi Dirhamsyah PT. Cidas Putra Metalindo Senior Advisor
    31 Mr. F. Fonso PT. Fondanusa Aditama Senior Advisor
    32 Mr. Martantya Subagio PT. Kreasi Niaga Arta Gigih Senior Advisor
    33 Mr. Krishna Bharata PT. Mada Wikri Tunggal Senior Advisor
    34 Mr. Tomoyuki Ito PT. Ito Seisakusho Armada Senior Advisor
    35 Mr. Hidetoshi Yabu PT. Sankogosei Technology Indonesia Senior Advisor
    36 Mr.Petrus Tedja Hapsoro PT. Yogya Presisi Teknikatama Industri Senior Advisor
    37 Mr.Hanafi Kosasih PT. Sinar Alum Sarana Senior Advisor
    38 Mr. Heru Santoso PT. Panasonic Manufacturing Indonesia Advisor
    39 Mr. Keishi Suzuki Japan External Organization Jakarta Office Advisor

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